Personal Statement Engineering: An Ultimate Guide To Succeed

If you want to build a perfect career in engineering, you should plan your steps in advance. Start with choosing a decent college with an excellent educational program. It will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and a community that may be helpful along your way.

Most educational institutions with engineering majors have 3 necessary criteria for successful enrollment:

  1. Previous academic performance, such as your GPA score;
  2. Standardized SAT or ACT test scores. There are other tests as well, but these two are the most respected.
  3. An application essay, or an engineering personal statement.

The third criterion is the most important because it reveals your personality. There may be a lot of students with perfect grades, but their papers will be quite different. So, even if you have some weaknesses in the first two aspects, you still have a chance to stand out among other candidates. 

Basic Things You Should Know About Engineering Personal Statement

Almost all U.S. educational institutions require a personal statement engineering from prospective students. It is typical for many colleges, universities, and MBA schools. Whatever choice you make, you should prepare a paper about your motivation and further goals.

The first thing you should understand is that your letter should be personalized. It means that even if you’re considering a dozen universities, you can’t send the same paper to all of them. It is essential to understand which features they have and how they can be helpful to you. Whether you want to continue your career in electrical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, or financial engineering, your paper should be brilliant. And our professional authors are ready to share their tips with you!

Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

Students who are about to write an electrical engineering personal statement, usually deal with programming languages like Java or Python. They also spend time with people who already work in this industry. It means that you have something to write your paper about, and the motivation to explain. 

Civil Engineering Personal Statement

When it comes to civil engineering personal statement, it would be a good idea to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in this discipline. For example, you can write about an internship at a local construction company. 

Financial Engineering Personal Statement

What we love about this major is that it combines knowledge in economic theory, applied math, statistics, and computer science with creativity. Use your problem-solving skills, and analytical and critical thinking to come up with an A-level financial engineering personal statement.

Computer Engineering Personal Statement

If you’re looking for a good strategy to write a computer engineering personal statement, you should remember that this major is not just about hardware and programming. You need to come up with a topic that covers ethical and innovative aspects.

Common Types Of College Application Essays

Each college has its assignment, but there are 3 main common questions you should be familiar with. 

The “You” Question

Prepare a personal statement in engineering writing about your personality, achievements, and career plans. Don’t repeat your application form since admission officers already know the main facts of your biography. You should provide them with additional information that shows your personality. Think of how you can be useful to this school. What are the traits that may help you? Maybe you’re a good leader, have some interesting hobbies, and have scientific potential? Some colleges provide you with particular questions you may use as topics. There are some examples:

  • What captivates you?
  • Who is the person you admire?
  • Describe a problem you’ve solved.
  • What is the book that has changed your life?
  • Which traits do you appreciate in people?
  • How would your friends describe you?

The “Why Us” Question

The second question focuses primarily not on you but on the college you choose. You should write a personal statement for engineering graduate school that describes your motivation and shows your wish to study at a particular educational institution.

Writing the “why us” college essay, you should describe the unique features that attract you to this school. So, do some research in order to gather information. 

The “Creative” Question

This question is up to the particular college, but it has the same purpose as the first one. It would help if you revealed your personality unusually. The admission committee may ask you to describe the best day in your life, tell a story from your childhood, or share some ideas about saving the world. Don’t be confused if you’re asked to write about your favorite superhero. Such questions are common for universities that appreciate their communities. They want to unite students with certain beliefs and values, and such creative items will show who you are. 

How To Write An Engineering Graduate School Personal Statement

Studying in high school, you have written dozens of different essays. It is a typical assignment that helps develop critical, analytical, creative, and other important skills. So, writing an admission paper, you may choose the standard 5-paragraph college essay structure. The overall writing process is the same. It is just another type, where you don’t need to come up with convincing arguments, causes and effects of some events, or other features. Remember that the high school coursework meaning was pretty different. Your main goal is to get a college placement, so you should think about it during all your next steps. 

Pre-writing Stage

Firstly, you should read all requirements carefully. You should understand what the committee expects of you. Most colleges provide applicants with clear instructions and even successful engineering personal statement examples. If you ignore some of them, it may become a crucial mistake. 

Whatever essay type you choose, it would be a great idea to mention why you’ve chosen this particular institution. And this research will provide you with an answer. Check the website, the social media pages, and some forums where graduates communicate. 

Intriguing Introduction Is A Key 

If you read some engineering personal statement examples, you’ll mention that each story starts with an introduction. It is necessary to grab the attention of readers. Just imagine how many papers admissions officers read every day. They’re dreaming about something fresh, that is not overused and too banal.

This paragraph is purposed to explain to readers what your paper is about. Open with a joke, a phrase that is symbolic to you, or a rhetorical question. You may ask your friends to describe your personality and use their quotes as a hook. 

Powerful Body Paragraphs

Your next paragraphs are the essay itself. It is the place where you can answer the admission questions, tell your story, share your insights, and so on. Imagine that you’re the playwright who is building the setting. You decide what your next lines will be about. 

It is essential to have an essay outline with core ideas for the forthcoming paper. You can’t just write from your head, you need a plan to follow. 

There are some tips to make your body part enjoyable:

  • Demonstrate drive. All applicants can write about their achievements. But that’s not what the admissions office is looking for in an application. They want to know what drives you. In most cases, these are failures. Show what lessons you learned from your experience and write how you became the person working on this civil engineering personal statement.
  • Show intellectual curiosity. A college is a place that brings together curious people with a passion for learning. If you love to study, always watch educational videos or visit a debate club, this can be to your advantage.
  • Be initiative. Colleges are looking for leaders, proactive people who can take responsibility, and make healthy decisions. In your computer engineering personal statement, it is important to describe situations when you’ve demonstrated these skills. You can even come up with some new ideas to improve life in university. For example, you want to run the reading club or to organize an exciting event. Do you have a similar experience? Provide a couple of facts to support your suggestions and prove your readiness. 
  • Describe your contribution. Good educational institutions concentrate not on the education itself. They’re building communities. Harvard graduates have a lot of events and projects to help each other and newbies as well. Other colleges follow the same mission, so they expect each student to be a part of the whole mechanism. Your task is to prove you’ll be a decent part of it. How can you contribute? You might be a good team worker, a person who creates a good mood or is well-organized and knows how to organize other people around you. Maybe you’re a good friend, and you can support anyone who needs it. Use your engineering personal statement to reveal your personality.

Convincing Conclusion

It is the last paragraph before you can exhale with relief. Don’t lose your grip because you still need to finish personal statement engineering with a bang. There is no need to add some additional information about your background. If you’ve missed some information, it is probably not so important. If it is, you can get back to your body and make some amends. The conclusion should be focused on your goals connected with this university.

Explain in your electrical engineering personal statement how this particular educational program can change your life. Why exactly did you choose it, and how will you use new knowledge and skills to build the career. Don’t leave any doubts that you deserve this placement. 

Feel Free To Ask For Help With Your Engineering Personal Statement

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