Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Writing Guide

Enrolling in a new college life, you need to show that you are the perfect candidate to choose. Especially when it comes to competitive technical majors that attract a lot of ambitious students each year. However, you might find yourself in a situation, when you read dozens of personal statement examples mechanical engineering, and they don’t really help. Of course, other students’ experiences can be pretty helpful. For example, you can get inspired by some ideas, analyze their mistakes, etc. But if you want to succeed with your own content, it is time to learn new writing strategies. 

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3 Essential Steps To Make If You Want To Come Up With A Perfect Paper

Don’t think that writing a paper is a task that is impossible to complete. Of course, the mechanical engineering personal statement is challenging but it can also be really interesting. Consider this paper as a good opportunity to think about your life, analyze it, to make some reflections. 

Our authors can provide you with 3 simple steps to write a perfect document and prove you’re the best choice. Leverage this confidence in your mechanical engineering personal statement!

Step 1. Collecting Essay Topics And Ideas

Read different personal statement examples mechanical engineering, collect all essay topics and write them down. Write everything that comes to mind. Then you need to understand which topic reveals your background the best. For example, if you’re not a great leader, don’t write about leadership skills. Choose a topic that will help you. 

As you might understand, a mechanical engineering personal statement is not always about your major only – yes, you apply for a certain program but your personality matters.

Step 2. Come Up With Your Topic List

The selection committee receives a huge amount of mechanical engineering personal statement examples annually. Just believe, most applicants write about the same things. They just look for samples online and create generic papers. Obviously, it is not the winning strategy. 

You will write a really great essay if it is original, and doesn’t look like hundreds of others. Think about what unique ideas you can offer. Perhaps you are ready to share some personal stories from your biography, to talk about the experiences that made conclusions. Honesty and sincerity are always better than standard cliches and hackneyed phrases.

That’s why professional authors always ask you to share as much information as you can – they know how to come up with a personal statement for mechanical engineering graduate school for you. 

Step 3. Answer Questions By Listening To Yourself

  • Be honest and show different sides of yourself. Of course, your mechanical engineering personal statement is intended to impress, to demonstrate your best qualities. But it is absolutely normal to write about your flaws and weaknesses. Be honest and sincere, and it will be appreciated.
  • Start with an intriguing introduction. The first few sentences determine whether your essay will be interesting. Use an unexpected question, statistical fact, quote, or another hook to show that your mechanical engineering masters personal statement stand out. 
  • Share facts about yourself. An admission essay is not just an academic paper. In fact, you communicate with the university, and talk about your thoughts, and worldview. Read the finished paper and think: did you manage to reveal your identity?
  • Use live language. Write the text the way you actually speak. Even if you know complex grammatical structures, and have a rich vocabulary, you do not have to show all your knowledge.
  • Show that you are developing. The situations that you describe somehow influenced you. Now you are a different person. Tell me why. What exactly has changed in your life? It is also a good idea to include some plans for the future in your mechanical engineering personal statement. On the one hand, officers need to know your motivation. And on the other hand, they would like to understand if their program goals suit your needs.
  • Give specific examples. No need to write that you are a leader or team player. These are empty words. Just describe the situation where you demonstrated these qualities in order to achieve a result.
  • Take care of the spectacular conclusion. Your essay should be noticeable! 

Mistakes To Avoid In Personal Statement Examples Mechanical Engineering

Surely, you have come across such common tips as “write about things that really matter,” “write from your soul,” and so on. They do not always work. An essay can be written from the heart and at the same time be bad. If you want to make it perfect, try to avoid:

  • Cliche and abuse of metaphors. Even if your ideas so far seem weak to you, it is better to use them than a cliche. These phrases and expressions are already tired of everyone.
  • Vocabulary and encyclopedic definitions. Forget the phrase “According to the Oxford Dictionary, …”. After this sentence, there is only one desire: to close your essay.
  • Epigraphs or over-citation of famous poets, and writers. Same. Imagine how many applicants mention quotes from Shakespeare or Lincoln! You don’t want to be one of them, right?
  • Sentences that are too complicated. Imagine yourself as an inspector of an admissions committee who has already scanned hundreds of mechanical engineering personal statement examples. If your essay starts with “A phenomenon that characterizes cognitive function…”, the first thing that comes to mind is to put the text aside.
  • Repetition of facts that are already indicated in your documents, e.g. CV. Show who is the person behind these achievements, and what are your aspirations. 

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