How to Write a Successful Masters Personal Statement: Steps to Follow

The masters personal statement is a written paper that you submit as part of your postgraduate application. This is your unique chance to present yourself to the selection committee from the best side. The style of the master’s personal statement should be emotional, expressive, and individualized, written exclusively in the first person. The criterion for assessing the quality of a personal statement for master is the presence of as many features as possible that would distinguish the applicant from other applicants for participation.

As a rule, a master’s personal statement consists of 5 paragraphs and occupies one page. Many programs define the maximum length of a personal statement for masters, for example, by limiting it to a certain number of words. Here is an example plan for a masters personal statement:

  • 1 paragraph – introduction, presentation of the applicant;
  • 2 paragraph – description of the academic success of the applicant;
  • 3 paragraph – description of the level of the applicant’s language skills;
  • 4th paragraph – the applicant’s extracurricular activities, characterizing his personal characteristics, in particular, the willingness to cope with the complexities of intercultural communication;
  • 5th paragraph – a description of the applicant’s job prospects.

Below you will find a master’s personal statement example. Please consider this master’s personal statement attentively. Use our masters personal statement example as a basis for creating your own unique paper.

Masters Degree Personal Statement Sample

The master’s degree personal statement can cause a lot of writing difficulties. To write a master’s degree personal statement quickly and successfully, you should carefully study the requirements established for this type of paper and study the masters degree personal statement example below:

Dear committee members,

After graduating with a degree in International Energy Management from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, I am applying for a master’s program to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the energy business and start a career in one of the international corporations working in the fuel and energy sector.

Since the energy industry is one of the main industrial sectors in Britain, I chose Energy Management as the main specialization for undergraduate studies. While studying at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, I realized that I would like to not only build a successful career in this sector but also try to change it for the better. I am interested in alternative energy sources and I am sure that their use will help solve many pressing problems in the world energy industry, such as high production costs, environmental damage, and limited resources. Even though alternative energy sources are receiving significant investment in many countries, in Britain, in my opinion, this sector is still not received due attention. I hope that I can make a significant contribution to the development of renewable energy in my country.

To achieve this, I would like, firstly, to start working in one of the world’s leading companies in the energy sector, such as Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, or British Petroleum. I would like to join a team of in-house consultants to gain as much experience and knowledge of various business functions as possible. Given my interest in alternative energy, I will try to gain knowledge and experience in this area in a few years. I hope to be able to lead a team working to expand this sector within the company. 

I believe that the master’s program, on the one hand, will strengthen and deepen my knowledge and experience. On the other hand, it will give me the specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the successful management of the international business. Having knowledge of the fuel and energy sector in Britain, I would like to acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of this sector in other countries of the world. I believe that such subjects as “Energy Markets” and “Economics and Trade in the Fuel and Energy Sector” will give me the necessary knowledge. I would also like to deepen my knowledge in the financial field to better understand the complex financial processes of the energy business. Overall, I believe that the masters Trade and Finance program is a unique link between my first education and a future career in the international energy sector.

I am confident that I am ready to study in this challenging program and will do my best to become a good student and a full member of the student community.

Sincerely yours,

Jessie Stewart

The above personal statement master is an excellent example for those who wish to enter the International Energy Management master’s program. This personal statement masters also provides a good basis for those who wish to enroll in other master’s programs.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Masters Step by Step?

If you still don`t know how to write a personal statement for masters, follow the below algorithm:

  • Step 1. Start your personal statement for a master’s degree with an appeal, i.e. address it to a specific person or the admissions office of the faculty, competition, or program you are applying for;
  • Step 2. In the first sentence, indicate the name of the faculty, program, or competition, as well as the term of study for which you are applying. This will immediately set a serious and specific tone;
  • Step 3. Indicate in your personal statement for master’s program how you learned about the university or program;
  • Step 4. Mention why you are interested in this particular university or program. Try to emphasize the uniqueness of your choice, including specific information about the ranking of the university, the composition of teachers and students, etc.;
  • Step 5. Write why you are a worthy candidate for this university or program: think about what your greatest strengths are. Firstly, remember what interests you in a particular field of study. Secondly, list your previous academic experience. If you have work experience, be sure to include it. All your extracurricular activities and hobbies are very important. Indicate knowledge of foreign languages ​​and previous international experience, if any. Describing your life experience, try to show that all this is closely related to your future goals;
  • Step 6. List your personal and professional qualities, such as diligence, sociability, resistance to stress, etc.;
  • Step 7. Finishing the text politely.

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