How to Complete an International Relations Personal Statement: Useful Examples

International relations personal statement has an essay format in which the applicant gives the rationale for participation in the educational course. This is the most significant part of the entire package of documents and is also a good means of self-expression. The competition commission does not see a person, but only documents, a questionnaire, and a personal statement. So, you should skillfully present yourself, your skills, and your abilities. It is recommended to describe your education, professional experience, and participation in public life. You should describe yourself from the most favorable side so that the selection committee can evaluate all your advantages over other applicants.

A distinctive feature of the international relations personal statement is that this paper is usually represented as a free-form autobiography. The main function of this paper is to provide an opportunity to assess the applicant as a person. At the same time, the author is required not only to be able to clearly state the facts but also to interest the competition commission in the uniqueness of their own life experience. It is also important to justify the choice of a specific field of activity and a specific university.

International Relations Personal Statement Example for Applicants 

To write a successful personal statement, one should not only find a useful international relations personal statement sample but also determine the basic structure of a paper. First of all, consider the below example, and then proceed to study the general writing requirements:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply to you for admission to the International Relations course. This year I am graduating from school and preparing intensively to enter the university. While studying history at school, I drew attention to the importance of the diplomatic service for the development of the power of a country. After all, its political and economic security is ensured through the work of diplomats. For the last three years I have been dreaming of becoming a diplomat and I am seriously interested in this profession.

Having decided on a future career, I began to study much better and significantly increased my average score. I understand that a good diplomat must be an intelligent and educated person. So, for the last three years, I’ve been intensively studying subjects that I may need while studying at university. I am fluent in English, although I am from Italy. I have completed special preparatory courses and have certificates. I also practiced spoken English in communication with native speakers.

This course is a natural choice for me because of my deep interest in other cultures and strong foreign language skills. I am also very interested in issues of international development, management of international organizations, and the work of the diplomatic service. I am convinced that academic education in international relations is a necessary foundation for a diplomatic career. Therefore, I really dream of studying at your university and I believe that this training will be an important step in my future career. I can confidently describe myself as a motivated and purposeful person who is willing to work hard to achieve a goal.

On the university website, I read that an educational institution gives students ample opportunities for internships and practical skills. So, I believe that it will give me the best and most unique opportunities to realize my dreams.

Thank you very much for considering my statement. I look forward to receiving your response.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Enderson.

The personal statement for politics and international relations example provided below will definitely help you in preparing your own unique paper. Use it as a basis.

General Guidelines for Writing a Personal Statement for International Relations

When creating a personal statement for international relations, it is necessary to adhere to a clear structure of presentation and academic style. The paper must contain all the necessary information and the size of the text must not exceed the specified volume. As a rule, each educational institution or program sets clear criteria. Most often it is 250, 500, or 1000 words. When working on a text, it is very important to adhere to all the established requirements.

Approach writing a personal statement for international relations in a creative and non-standard way. You will have to make some efforts and think carefully to formulate all your advantages. If you are applying to different educational institutions, for different programs, do not use the same paper. Modify it depending on the specifics of the program, and try to change the emphasis. Remember that there is no universal recipe for a successful personal statement for international relations masters. In many ways, its success depends on how you can show your aspirations, knowledge, skills, and goals.

You should not use spoken language in a personal statement for public relations.¬† It is recommended to follow the academic style of writing. At the same time, excessive consumption of complex terminology is not recommended. The form of presentation should be simple and understandable even for a non-specialist. Long, layered sentences should be avoided. Paragraphs should also be short. If the sentence has more than 30 words, it should be divided into parts. Instead of using vague definitions such as “a lot”, “sometimes” or “very”, it is recommended to use specific facts and events. After the final design of the text, it is better to give it to several people for verification to identify errors in grammar and spelling, and inaccuracies in the presentation.

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