Guidelines for Writing a Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement

The last decade of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century are characterized by the rapid development of radiography diagnostics. During this time, a whole series of so-called “new technologies” appeared, which made it possible to significantly expand the diagnostic potential of traditional radiography. Many students wish to take a course in diagnostic radiology to gain valuable knowledge for their future careers.

But to be enrolled in a certain university, it is necessary to write a quality diagnostic radiography personal statement. In a diagnostic radiography personal statement, you must correctly present yourself and your skill in the best possible way, and describe your education, professional experience, and participation in public life. You should justify your choice and note how studying in the chosen program can help achieve professional and personal goals.

The structure of a diagnostic radiography personal statement usually consists of several paragraphs and includes the following items:

  • Sender’s address. Date;
  • Appeal to the members of the commission;
  • First paragraph. The essence of this paragraph is to determine the specialty chosen by the student at the university;
  • The main part (2-4 paragraphs). In these paragraphs, the applicant reveals positive qualities, talks about their own experience, etc.;
  • Conclusion. 

Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement Example with a Clear Paper Structure

Take the time to study the diagnostic radiography personal statement example below. This diagnostic radiography personal statement example has a clear structure, so you can use it as a basis for creating your own unique paper:

Dear commission members,

My name is Susan Roberts. I was born and live in London. In middle school, I was most interested in natural science subjects. In high school, I came to the idea that I want to connect my life with medicine and patient care. 

I thought for a long time about what kind of profession I wanted to get into and decided that I would become a radiographer. I know that this doctor should enable and produce a high-quality image with the help of special x-ray and ultrasound research devices and carry out a study of the state of the human body. The tasks of such a specialist include working in the hospital, determining fractures and injuries, identifying the location of foreign objects, x-raying teeth, identifying serious inner diseases including cancer, MRL, etc.

I believe that purposefulness is the main feature of my character. Hope it helps me in my career. Also, I can say that I have good perseverance and attentiveness, which is very important in the work of a doctor. My parent is an ophthalmologist, so he fully supports my choice.

I am applying to study at your university as it is one of the world’s leading universities in providing quality education in the field of diagnostic radiography. I hope for consideration of my candidacy and successful enrollment for training.

Sincerely yours,

Susan Roberts

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